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IDD Corporation Joint Stock Company is among the pioneers in producing and trading pure roastering coffee. We bring about the high quality original coffee to the Vietnamese coffee drinkers and introduce a premium roastering coffee brand of Vietnam to the world. Our passion is to develop an eco-system for the “Farm to cup” journey of pure coffee.

Distribution channels

  • Currently, IDD Vietnam’s coffee products are distributed to coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, industrial parks and businesses throughout Vietnam.
  • IDD Vietnam is investing in the development of the Bar Pub ecosystem, coffee shop, hotel and coffee training school as a stepping stone to develop and distribute core products of premium coffee.
  • IDD Vietnam export premium high-quality coffee products of Vietnam brand to potential markets in Asia and Europe.

Planting area

Cau Dat, Lam Dong: Arabica beans of HANCOFFEE brand are selected from the finest coffee beans of Cau Dat, Lam Dong – where finds one of the seven coffee varieties that Starbucks has put into its global supply chain. Cau Dat area is fertiled with Bazan soil at an average elevation of 1.450-1.650 over sea level, ideal for high quality Arabica beans.

Dak Glei – Kon Tum: This land is located on the Ngoc Linh mountain range with an average height of 1.200m above sea level, the average annual temperature range of 21 – 23°C, average rainfall is 1.570 – 2.600 mm/year, average relative humidity 81 – 87%, so the weather is mild and cool all year round. This natural condition is ideally suitable for Arabica coffee.

Yasao – Chu Pah – Gia Lai: Robusta coffee is very suitable with soil and climate in Gia Lai Plateau. Robusta is considered a specialty of Gia Lai, contributing significantly to the annual export of Vietnamese coffee. Robusta is the main ingredient in Vietnamese traditional coffee products, with remarkable caffeine content and pure natural flavor.

Process – roasting

The beans are hand-picked and processed in dry or wet conditions. They are roasted by Italian technology under the completed process by Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University. After 11 stages of roasting at the standard temperatures, the beans will be incubated in pine wood barrels until totally cooled down. At this time, coffee beans will be incubated with all-natural aromas and herbs for 72 hours, bringing the delicious taste for coffee beans. Refinement is the last step in making a coffee lot in standard size, good quality and flavor.